URSSI Winter School

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My notes from the URSSI Winter School

All slides & other resources are available on GitHub: si2-urssi/winterschool

Day 1

Intro to Software Design (Jeffrey Carver)

Think like a programmer (Andy Loftus)

Intro to Design Patterns (Jeffrey Carver)

Basics of packaging Python programs (Kyle Niemeyer)

Day 2

Collaboration with Git and GitHub (Karthik Ram)

Git Exercises (James Howison)

We’re learning so many useful tips & tricks for research software sustainability at #urssi_winterschool
…and having fun along the way! pic.twitter.com/FMApXXj9wL

— Kelly Sovacool (@kelly_sovacool) December 19, 2019

Software Testing and Continuous Integration (Kyle Niemeyer)

Git Exercises ctd (James Howison)

Day 3

Code Review (Jeffrey Carver)

Open Science and Software Citation (Kyle Niemeyer)


Documentation (Kyle Niemeyer)


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